Get ready for an experience where customer service and superior quality create a profoundly unique adventure!

Welcome, please make yourself at home. I am Kimberly Austin, but friends, family, and clients call me Kim. 

As a professional photographer located in Lillington, North Carolina, I absolutely love what I do. I have met some spectacular people and have traveled to some amazing locations to help create memories for a lifetime. While having success in all aspects of the art of taking great photographs, I have gained some truly special connections with both pets and individuals involved in portrait photography.

Many times I am asked if I specialize in any area of photography. I honestly feel that my expertise rests in my ability to harness emotion and imagination, then combining those aspects with a unique sense of light and contrast, I truly become a specialist. Working together, I promise you will be amazed and satisfied.

Being an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). I am able to attend in-depth workshops and seminars to continuously fine tune my craft. I believe it is important to continue learning and trying new techniques so that I remain on the cutting edge of my field.

I know that when working with pets, couples, or families at times can be stressful or hectic. It is my goal to make things as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That's why on a photo shoot, you might hear me say "Show me some love!" It always results in a natural, beautiful smile that makes for a gorgeous portrait.

By focusing on each client's style and unique personality allows me to offer a custom quality experience, while in turn giving you a memory that will last forever. So be ready to laugh, have fun, feel amazing, and enjoy your portrait session. 

I ask you to join with me as we take this journey together capturing the moment...the magic...the memory...just for you!